Orthopedics Surgery

Orthopedics deals with the complete musculoskeletal system that encompasses bones, muscles, joints, tendons, bursae and ligaments. Prolife Hospitals offers plethora of medical treatments for musculoskeletal system under one roof.

The dedicated orthopedic doctors at our hospital offer commendable medical services and treatments in various sub-specialization arenas that include :

  • Hip, Knee and shoulder joint replacement
  • Revision joint replacement
  • Hip preservation surgery
  • Knee, hip and shoulder arthroscopy
  • Open and endoscopic spinal disc surgery
  • ACDF, PLIF and TLIF spine fixation
  • Spine decompression
  • Scholiosis surgery
  • Poly trauma surgery
  • Pediatric orthopedic

Orthopaedics Surgery in Canada

It is not without reasons our specialists at Prolife Hospitals are rated as best orthopedic doctors in Ludhiana, the entire team adopts unique techniques that have evolved out of vast expertise, continuous research and advanced education.

Moreover, the compassionate treatment care and result oriented approach offered by our orthopedic specialist blends seamlessly with top-notch surgical skills to offer the best results for our patients. Contact us to diagnose your orthopedic problem in detail and subsequently get it treated through the safe hands of our surgeons.

Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee pain can restrict you from your regular activities if not taken care of properly. Severe knee pain sometimes stops all essential outdoor activities that people need to do for security and stability in life. Total knee replacement or partial knee replacement surgery can be favorable for those who have been suffering from major knee pains for many years. Knee replacement has the potential of providing you complete or partial relief from serious knee pain that has distorted your life so far.

Why Do People Go for a Knee Replacement?

The following most common benefits of total knee replacement have made people interested in having this surgery.

  • Regaining full independence
  • Increasing knee’s range of motion
  • Reducing severe knee pain
  • Restoring previous lifestyle full of activities

How Safe Is Total Knee Replacement Surgery?

The high success rate of knee replacement surgery indicates the safety of it. Knee replacement in Punjab has shown a better result than other parts of India as experienced doctors are associated with the surgery here. Utilizing minimally invasive techniques and fast recovery protocols, doctors have experienced positive results on most of the patients. Patients need to stay in hospital overnight or sometimes are released on the same day the surgery is done.

Advanced modern techniques have appeared to be so beneficial for knee replacement surgery that doctors are unwilling to use those traditional methods. On the other hand, modern techniques have proved to be helpful in decreasing blood loss during the procedure as well as reducing the length of a surgical incision.

Are There Alternatives to Knee Replacement Surgery?

Orthopedists suggest a total knee replacement when conventional measures fail to show better results. Before proceeding with this surgery doctors ask to examine knee bones and cartilage through X-rays and MRI.

Doctors may suggest a regime of physical therapy ideal for strengthening leg muscles that improve knee support. They sometimes also recommend specific injections to reduce pain and anti-inflammatory medicines to relieve inflammation and swelling. However, when tests indicate cartilage is seriously worn, doctors strictly recommend knee replacement surgery in Canada with a prosthetic knee joint.

Who Will Be Benefited from Knee Surgery?

Traditionally, patients with arthritis and age-related problems have been suggested knee surgery. However, this concept has severely changed now. Younger athletes are now getting interested in total knee replacement surgery to have greater success ever than before. When a prosthetic joint becomes worn or damaged, orthopedic surgeons suggest knee replacement surgery.

People should always opt for a hospital where multiple treatment facilities related to knee replacement surgery are provided by well-established doctors. Profile Hospitals provides all modern treatment facilities to patients who come for total knee replacement. A group of doctors with several years of experience in knee replacement surgery treats patients in pre and post-surgery periods with special attention. If you are looking for a hospital for knee replacement in Punjab, Profile Hospitals is the right place where famous orthopedic surgeons conduct the surgery. Your surgery will be done here with safe and experienced hands utilizing top-notch technologies at affordable charges.

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