A Complete Guide to Bariatric Surgery

Obesity can harm both a person’s physical and mental health. Those struggling with weight loss often end up thinking about having weight loss surgery.

They are occasionally perplexed as to whether they should choose it or not, so they look for the best Bariatric surgery hospital in Nepal.

On the other hand, if you are still dwelling on this question, then don’t worry as we, the experts of Prolife Hospitals, have come up to clear all your doubts.


What do you mean by Bariatric Surgery?

The term “bariatric” is derived from the Greek words “baros” and “iatrikos,” which respectively mean “weight” and “medicine.” Bariatric surgery is a type of intestinal surgery that aids in the weight loss of severely obese people.

These surgeries are performed when diet and exercise plans fail and the person has a major health condition as a result of their weight.

If other weight-loss methods, such as diet control, exercise, and so on, have failed, then this surgery is recommended to people who have a BMI of more than 40. It is also recommended for people who are consistently overweight and have medical conditions that make exercise difficult, such as arthritic joint disease.

Prolife Hospitals is Nepal’s best bariatric surgery hospital, performing this surgery with the utmost care and supervision.

Let’s learn everything from pre-planning the bariatric surgery to post-operative surgery so that when you decide to go for one, you don’t have to give it a second thought.


Pre-operative stage-

Those patients who are considering having bariatric surgery will be assessed by the experts of Prolife Hospitals, the best Bariatric surgery hospital in Nepal. The doctors will determine whether you are the right fit for bariatric surgery or not.

Before the final evaluation for the surgery, we will first take your blood test and conduct x-rays and scans so that it is easier to proceed to the next stage.

You will need to attend several pre-operative appointments to ensure the safest and most successful outcome possible after surgery. By this, we make sure that no loopholes remain at the time of bariatric surgery in Nepal.


Role of Diet in Bariatric Surgery

To be a viable candidate, you must also be willing to relearn your eating habits. New dietary habits can help ensure that the surgery has a positive and long-term impact.
We at Prolife Hospitals, the best weight loss surgery hospital in Nepal, plan a special diet for you both before and after the surgery.

Since bariatric surgery is laparoscopic surgery that focuses on removing the fat from your abdomen, you have to take extra precautions before undergoing the same.


Here are some guidelines that you must follow at least one month before undergoing bariatric surgery:

Saturated fats, such as whole milk, fatty meat, and fried foods, should be avoided or consumed in moderation.
Reduce or eliminate high-carbohydrate items such as sugary desserts, pasta, potatoes, bread, and bread products from your diet.
Juice and sodas, which are heavy in sugar, should be avoided.
Take care of the portion of food you consume
Binge eating should be avoided.
Avoid smoking
Alcoholic beverages should be avoided.
Any additional substances that your doctor has forbidden you from consuming should be avoided.


At the time of surgery-

You may be hospitalized one day before the Gastric Bypass if you have heart concerns or if the surgeon requests additional monitoring. This may not be the case for everyone. However, depending upon your medical conditions, the doctor will let you know.

After you arrive in the surgery room, you will be assisted by a nurse who will monitor your blood pressure and pulse rate.

Although surgery takes less than three hours, it may also take four or five hours so you need not worry.


Post-operative stage-

Bariatric surgery necessitates a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular doctor visits.
Hence, after your surgery is completed, you will be shifted to the recovery room, where you will be under observation for a few hours. If everything goes well and your blood oxygen levels are normal, you will be transferred to a regular hospital room the following day.


Guidelines to follow after your bariatric surgery in Nepal:

You must strictly follow the diet plan as suggested by the doctors of Prolife Hospitals.
Your calorie intake will be a quarter of what it was used to be.
Because it is laparoscopic surgery, there are few or no cuts involved. But still, you need to take care of the area where incisions are made.
You could experience some side effects of weight loss surgery. Thus, it’s better to contact us and, we will guide you accordingly.
For a good and fast recovery, visit us time-to-time.


Bariatric surgery comes with its pros and cons. Although it is extremely effective when you have no other option left to cut off obesity. But before you make the final decision, talk with the experts of Prolife Hospitals.


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