How Can Weight Loss Surgery In Canada Help You Regain Your Self Confidence?

Obesity is a vital health issue in today’s world and, there is no doubt that 1 out of 4 people is obese at every home. Although people have become aware of the problems that obesity causes, yet they are not losing enough weight that they should lose to become healthy people. Getting help from weight loss programs and exercising becomes a difficult option for those who fall above a BMI of 30. In that case, when nothing else works, the only option left is to undergo weight loss surgery. A weight loss surgery in Canada is more than cosmetic surgery. It is a life-saving surgery where the person’s metabolism is increased by reducing his food intake or by preventing him from consuming a large quantity of food at a single time.


How Does Weight Loss Surgery work?
Weight loss surgery, also known as Bariatric surgery is a surgery done on those patients who are suffering from excessive obesity. This weight loss surgery in Canada is done laparoscopically, which means no significant cuts are made to the patient’s abdomen during the operation.

The weight loss surgery in Canada is of different types and is aimed at reducing the weight of the person. The weight loss surgery works in three simple ways such as:

  • Limiting the amount of food your stomach carries. It is called “restrictive” weight loss surgery.
  • Preventing your digestive system from consuming all of the nutrients in your meal. The procedure is called “malabsorptive” surgery.
  • A combination of both ways.

Types of Weight Loss Surgery In Canada
The restrictive and malabsorptive surgeries work in three different ways. They are:

  • Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass- In gastric bypass surgery, a small pouch is created by the weight loss surgeon in Canada. During the procedure, the surgeon divides the abdomen into two parts and seals the upper with the lower. The upper stomach is then connected directly to the lower part of the small intestine by the surgeon. The body consumes fewer calories when certain portions of the digestive tract are skipped.


  • Sleeve Gastrectomy- This is another form of restrictive weight loss surgery. This operation is usually done laparoscopically, which includes inserting small instruments into the upper abdomen through several small incisions. The weight loss surgeon in Canada removes about 75% of your stomach and, only 25% of the remaining portion is left where the food goes. As you limit the amount of food you eat, you lose weight.


  • Adjustable Gastric Banding- Gastric banding is a procedure that involves wrapping a band around the top of the stomach to form a tight pouch that can hold food. The band restricts how much food you can consume by making you feel full after just a few bites. Since no part of the bowel has been cut, this operation is initially very effective, and the patient can be discharged on the same day.

Get The Best Weight Loss Surgery In Canada At Prolife Hospitals

Weight loss surgery in Canada is probably the most effective and safe surgery. As it is done through the laparoscopic method, so there is minimum or no blood loss. At Prolife Hospitals, one of the best weight loss surgery hospitals in Canada, the surgery is done with advanced surgical equipment and an expert team of surgeons led by Dr. H.S Jolly.

If you are looking for the best weight loss surgery hospital in Canada, then you can definitely rely on Prolife Hospitals as we would love to assist you in being your healthiest self and lowering your risk of weight-related illnesses and disorders.


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