Signs you need a hip replacement surgery in Dubai

Hip pain can be hard to deal with. It makes our daily chores difficult to operate upon. One cannot comfortably sit, stand, or perform other activities because of chronic pain.

Thus, hip replacement surgery is the best option to deal with this kind of pain. It has the benefit of significantly improving your life, relieving your painful symptoms, and increasing your mobility and ability to function.

How to know if you need hip replacement surgery?

The best Orthopaedic surgeon in Dubai recommends that one should only go for a hip replacement surgery once he/she observes these symptoms:

1. You have severe hip pain- A damaged hip joint can cause discomfort anywhere between your hip and knee. Hip pain can make it difficult to walk or sit at times. Or there may be times when even the medications won’t work no matter how many times you take them. If you experience significant hip discomfort that keeps you awake at night, you should contact Prolife Hospitals’ best orthopedic surgeons in Dubai.

2. You are unable to perform daily chores- Is it difficult for you to walk, bend, go grocery shopping, or climb the stairs because of hip pain? Is your hip discomfort causing you to be irritated most of the time? According to the orthopedic surgeons at Prolife Hospitals in Dubai, if even the most basic daily tasks, such as putting on socks, exercising, or walking, have become difficult for you, you should consider hip replacement surgery.

3. You cannot lay down or sleep- Sometimes physical movement such as walking or going upstairs can cause pain in your hip joints. So taking a break from movement usually alleviates hip pain. However, if your hip hurts even when you rest during the day or night, you should consider surgery.

4. Your hip joint is damaged- If your doctor has informed you that your hip joint is injured, you should consider hip replacement surgery. Joint damage can worsen over time. If you wait too long, it may be more difficult for a doctor to treat them.

5. You are mentally and emotionally exhausted- The physical consequences of hip pain can be seen and felt when that area hurts and you are unable to move. But this chronic pain, on the other hand, can hurt a patient’s emotional and mental well-being. Even if you can tolerate your level of hip pain, after dealing with it for months or even years, you may begin to exhibit symptoms of a mental health condition.


What causes these symptoms to occur?

Hip pain can be caused by a variety of factors. The most common is osteoarthritic hip joint damage, also known as ‘wear and tear.’ Thus, it can happen at any stage of life. One need not be of a certain age to experience hip pain.

How can a hip replacement surgery benefit you?

The best orthopedic surgeon in Dubai recommends hip replacement surgery because it helps to reduce pain and increases mobility. The doctors of Prolife Hospitals are experts in their field so they will never guide on the wrong path. Instead, they will only recommend what is right for you after analyzing your medical history.



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