Relieve your back pain in 5 easy ways

Back pain can hinder you from doing daily chores. While most of the time it lasts only for the short term and goes away on its own. Other times, it may become so chronic that it can even be hard for you to get up.

Whether you are an adult, teenager, or old, you have or will experience back pain at least once in your lifetime.

When the pain becomes unbearable, you rush to the orthopedic doctor for relief. Although the Orthopedic Doctors in Bangladesh at Prolife Hospitals are there to help you out in times of crisis, they also suggest five easy ways through which you can heal yourself on your own.

Here are 5 easy ways to treat back pain suggested by the specialists of Prolife Hospitals:

  • Fix your posture- Poor posture stresses and strains the back, resulting in modest to severe back discomfort. Slouching while sitting, rounding your shoulders, or bending sideways while standing is all negative posture-inducing activities. According to the best orthopedist doctor in Bangladesh, keeping your spine straight while sitting or doing work can help relieve back pain and prevent serious back problems


  • Use heat or ice- A heating pad or a hot water bathtub works best when your back is sore with swelling or inflammation. Instead of lying down and cursing your back, why not fill a bag with cold water and set it aside for a few minutes? Consider switching between the two at regular intervals depending on the severity of your back problem.


  • Practice stress relief- Stress may make our bodies hurt twice as much, which is why it’s best to deal with stress before treating back pain. Gentle stretches, walking, and standing up at your desk regularly can assist to keep your spine stable and prevent muscle imbalances. Yoga too can help you in relieving stress.


  • Consume an anti-inflammatory diet- Inflammatory foods can help prevent and reverse a variety of health problems, including some types of back pain. Inflammation is your body’s natural defense mechanism to protect itself from harm and is a well-known cause of back pain. Hence, the orthopedic doctor of Prolife Hospitals in Bangladesh suggests that one should add foods like-colored vegetables and fruits, green leafy vegetables, turmeric milk, fatty fish, etc in his/her diet.


  • Avoid the high heels- High-heeled sandals, pumps, and stilettos may be fashionable, but they can cause muscle overuse and back pain by pushing the lower back, spine, and hips out of alignment. Even platform or block heels can be harmful to your back over time. Thus, it is recommended to avoid them for a long period.

Orthopedic Doctor in Bangladesh

In a nutshell, back pain has the solution and, it can be treated with some preventive measures and actions. If a person is suffering from severe back pain and nothing seems to be helping, he should go to Prolife Hospitals.

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