Questions to ask your knee replacement surgeons in Dubai

To perform our daily chores, we all need to be fit and healthy. If any part of our body is not performing well, we cannot live our life fully.

When it comes to our joints, our

is the biggest joint of our body. We are dependent on our knees for numerous activities such as walking, sitting, running, jumping, lifting, etc.

But today knee pain has become a common symptom for people of almost all ages. It can appear suddenly, often following an injury or exercise, and may get worse with time.

This is the reason why experts suggest knee replacement surgery. However, before undergoing surgery, the doctors at Prolife Hospitals, the best knee replacement surgery in Dubai, advise you to ask your doctor the following questions to clear any misconceptions you may have.

  • What are the risks or complications involved in knee replacement surgery?

Every surgery involves a certain type of risk. Therefore, it is the responsibility of your Knee replacement surgeon in Dubai to inform you about the benefits of surgery as well as the risks involved. These risks may include the type of anesthetic to be used (epidural, sedative), the risk of infection and procedural failure, heart problems, nerve injury around the knee, implant-related problems, stroke. One should be aware of both the dangers and complications before making the right decision.

  • When is the appropriate time for knee replacement surgery?

There is no exact time that determines when knee surgery is necessary. It all depends on how severe the pain is that the patient is experiencing. If he has tried all the home remedies and other medications and nothing has worked for him, then the knee replacement surgery at Prolife Hospitals is the best option to go for.

  • What happens during surgery and how long will it last?

During the knee replacement surgery, your surgeon will make a 6-10 inch incision over the front of the affected knee area to expose the damaged parts. The doctors of Prolife Hospitals follow an advanced laparoscopic surgery that involves minimal cuts and scars. Following that, the surgeon will remove the damaged cartilage as well as a small amount of bone from your kneecap. New metallic and plastic components will then be used to replace the damaged tissue. The parts will be assembled to form a biologically compatible artificial joint that will mimic the movement of a natural knee. This process will mostly last for 30 to 60 minutes.

  • Does the knee replacement surgery in Dubai involve pain?

Pain management is an important element of the post-surgery process. The doctors of the Prolife Hospitals prescribe various pain killers to help control any discomfort that may arise after surgery. The doctor may recommend additional therapies if the discomfort persists after surgery.


  • When can the patient return home?

With the assistance of a walker or crutches, most people are up and about within 24 hours. After your knee replacement surgery in Dubai, your doctor will assist you in bending and straightening your knee, getting out of bed, and eventually learning to walk with your new knee. This is done on the same day as your surgery. Usually, the patients are discharged on the same day or within 2-3 days of the surgery.

Joint replacement surgery is a life-changing procedure that improves joint function and quality of life. Call the best knee replacement surgeons in Dubai at Prolife Hospitals for an accurate diagnosis of your knee pain.


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