Orthopedic Surgery In Canada Can Be Your Life Saver

Waiting to get a medical treatment done can make anyone feel blue. The one who bears the pain only knows how it feels to remain in that pain for too long and not able to get the treatment done.

Although muscle and joint pain are temporary if pain persists for more than 3–5 days, an orthopedic surgeon should be consulted. An orthopedic surgeon can help to diagnose your orthopedic problem in detail so that you can get it treated as early as possible.


What is Orthopedics?

Orthopedics surgery, also known as orthopedics, is a form of surgery that deals with musculoskeletal problems. Orthopedic surgeons treat musculoskeletal trauma, spine diseases, sports accidents, degenerative diseases, infections, tumors, and congenital abnormalities with both surgical and nonsurgical methods.

These diseases can be present at birth, while some of the disorders may occur with age. But however the case persists, it’s important for one to know the type of orthopedics surgery that one can undergo at any orthopedic surgery hospital in Canada.


What are the types of Orthopedics surgery?

Here are some of the surgical procedures that your Orthopedist may do depending upon the problem you have:

  • Joint replacement surgery- A total joint replacement or arthroplasty is a minimally invasive surgery in which a damaged joint is replaced with the help of a prosthesis made of metal and plastic. To diagnose the problem first, an orthopedist makes use of a camera, also known as an arthroscope.


  • Revision joint surgery- A revision joint replacement refers to when a worn-out joint replacement has to be replaced with another joint replacement surgery. Usually, a revision joint surgery is performed when the existing implant gets failed.


  • Hips replacement surgery- The hip is made up of a ball and socket and over the course of a lifetime, they accumulate a lot of wear and tear. Since the cartilage in the hip deteriorates with age, hip replacement surgery is needed to move again. This treatment entails removing the ball and socket of an arthritis-affected joint and replacing it with a new ball and socket.


  • Spinal fusion- Spinal fusion is a surgical procedure that joins the vertebrae together to repair the damaged spine and make it stable. A spinal fusion is performed by an orthopedic spine surgeon for a variety of back and neck issues, including fractures to the vertebrae or intervertebral discs, as well as scoliosis.


  • Hand and wrist surgery- The hands and wrists are used a lot in our everyday life for all purposes. So they automatically get prone to wear and tear, and arthritis. In that case, surgical treatment is needed for a variety of ankle and wrist problems which can be cured by an orthopedist.


  • Bone grafting surgery- Bone grafting, or the transplantation of bone tissue, is useful for repairing broken bones or problematic joints. An orthopedic surgeon uses bone from another part of the body to heal and stabilize diseased or damaged bones in bone grafting surgery.

How can Prolife Hospitals help you in your orthopedic surgery?

Prolife Hospitals, undoubtedly, is the best orthopedic surgery hospital in Canada as it makes use of advanced surgical equipment for improved precision, accuracy, pain reduction, and quick recovery. The surgeons here adopt one-of-a-kind approaches that have resulted from extensive experience, ongoing study, and advanced education.

Hence, Prolife Hospitals provides the best orthopedic surgery in Canada, which allows you to revive the confidence back that you have lost due to musculoskeletal disorders.


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