How To Choose The Right Bariatric Surgery For Yourself?

Obesity has taken a toll on many people who cannot go out and enjoy their social life because of their weight-related issues. This has increased many health-related problems including type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, lack of self-confidence, etc.

Although exercise and diet can reduce our weight and eliminate our fat deposits there is a limit to what can be done to combat the type of obesity that has become uncontrollable.

Let us find out more about bariatric surgery and its types:

What is a Bariatric surgery and its types?
Bariatric surgery refers to a group of procedures that are recommended for obese people. It is one of the few options that almost always works for obese people who have tried everything else and are unable to lose weight.
Essentially the surgeons of Prolife Hospitals, the best weight loss surgery hospital in Dubai, perform this surgery only after trying all the other methods.

The surgery’s main aim is to reduce- Ghrelin, a hormone present inside our body that stimulates appetite and promotes fat deposition in the body if it is elevated. In addition, the procedure reduces a stomach’s ability to afford food.

Bariatric surgery is best suited for people with a BMI (Body Mass Index) greater than 35.


What are the types of Bariatric Surgeries available at Prolife Hospitals?

The expert doctors of Prolife Hospitals in Dubai perform all four types of weight-loss surgeries that are:

Gastric sleeve surgery- Under this surgery, the bariatric surgeons of Prolife Hospitals eliminate most of your stomach leaving only a banana-shaped piece that is stapled closed. Because the procedure limits the amount of food that can fit in your stomach, you will feel full sooner. This surgery is also known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy.

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass surgery- In this surgery, the stomach is surgically divided into two parts using parallel titanium staples in the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass. The upper section, which is attached to the esophagus, continues to accept and absorb food as usual, but the lower section is completely blocked from food contact. Hence, in this way, the body receives fewer calories.

Adjustable gastric band- In this surgery, the surgeon of Prolife Hospitals will place a ring with an inner inflatable band around the top of your stomach to create a small pouch. The inner band contains a circular balloon filled with saline solution. By injecting or removing saline solution through a small device called a port that is placed under your skin, the surgeon can adjust the inner band to resize the opening from the pouch to the rest of your stomach. This surgery also makes you full in less time.

Duodenal switch- This surgery is a combination of both restrictive and malabsorptive characteristics. The restrictive part entails removing 70% of the stomach and a large portion of the duodenum. While the malabsorptive aspect is concerned with reshaping the larger portion of the intestine into two distinct pathways and one common channel. The shorter path is permitted to transport food, while the longer path is permitted to transport bile. After this surgery, only about 20% of the fat is absorbed by the body.

The bottom line is that there is a bariatric surgery procedure to meet almost any need, and they all produce excellent results. If you are considering having one, simply call Prolife Hospitals, the best weight loss surgery hospital in Dubai and, we would be happy to assist you.

Our team of experts will sit down and discuss which bariatric surgery will suit you and guide you further.

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