How Safe is Bariatric Surgery ?

When contemplating Bariatric Surgery, or any surgical procedure, it is natural to be concerned about the safety and the risks involved.

Bariatric surgery is a type of weight loss surgery that entails gastric bypass surgery and other weight-loss procedures which alter the digestive system to help with weight loss.

If you are unsure whether you should have bariatric surgery in Bangladesh or not, Prolife Hospitals is here to help.

We are aware that no surgery comes without risks or complications. However, we also know that if a patient is guided by the correct team of professionals, he will be aware of the facts that will assist him in making the best decision possible.


Common risks and complications associated with Bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery too involves certain kinds of risks and complications such as:

Nausea and vomiting
Acid reflux
Not being able to eat certain foods
Blood clotting
Breathing problems
Pain in abdomen
Stomach obstruction

Although Bariatric Surgery in Bangladesh involves all these risks but getting this surgery done from Prolife Hospitals will significantly improve your overall health. Our expert doctors perform this surgery in an utmost professional manner which results in longer and healthier life.


Bariatric surgery is a safe option to consider

Weight loss surgery can improve your health and give you the freedom to live the active and happy life you deserve. If you decide to have bariatric surgery in Bangladesh, then you must visit Prolife Hospitals to retain the following benefits:


  • Improvement in medication conditions- Obesity-related disorders such as heart disease, hypertension, stroke, sleep apnea, arthritis, asthma, acid reflux, and others are greatly improved by bariatric surgery. More than 90% of individuals have seen significant improvements in their medical issues after they have undergone bariatric surgery in Bangladesh.


  • Better life quality- You can move more and perform various activities which you couldn’t do earlier because of obesity. You might even rediscover things you used to enjoy, such as walking, riding, swimming, or gardening. Hence, bariatric surgery helps to improve the quality of a patient’s life.


  • Low mortality rate- Those who have undergone bariatric surgery in Bangladesh have a lower risk of death than those who are still trapped in obesity. This is because losing 40-70 percent of excess weight within 1-2 years of your surgery can help improve or, in some cases, completely resolve life-threatening conditions.


  • Balanced female hormones- Excess weight can lead to infertility and irregular menstrual cycles. Sometimes the mensus may stop due to disturbed female hormones. But bariatric surgery has the ability to balance these hormones, resulting in a normal menstrual cycle and possibly enhanced fertility.


  • Goodbye to arthritis pain- Excess weight placed on joints such as the knees or ankles exacerbates arthritis discomfort. Healthy weight loss by bariatric surgery in Bangladesh relieves the discomfort associated with arthritis by reducing the pressure placed on weight-bearing joints.


Bottom Line

Bariatric Surgery at Prolife Hospitals is the safest among the other surgeries performed. The doctors of Prolife Hospitals perform this surgery using a laparoscopic method which involves fewer or no cuts.

Therefore this surgery is highly effective in removing the overall body fat. If you have any concerns regarding the same, visit Prolife Hospitals and talk to our experts.


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