How can diabetes affect your foot?

Having too much glucose (aka sugar) in your blood for an extended period can lead to serious complications, including foot problems if you have diabetes.

This may include the development of diabetic foot ulcers, diabetic foot infections, or foot deformity.

Sometimes the feet can become so damaged that to prevent the infection from spreading more a surgeon may need to amputate (remove) a toe, foot, or part of the leg.

What problems are caused by diabetes?

A diabetic foot can lead to either of the two problems:

Diabetic neuropathy- Chronically high blood sugar levels caused by uncontrolled diabetes can cause nerve damage that impairs the ability to detect pain and temperature. This condition is known as “sensory diabetic neuropathy.” A diabetic patient may not notice sores or cuts on their feet, which can lead to infection. Nerve damage can also impair the function of the foot muscles, resulting in incorrect alignment and injury.

Peripheral vascular disease- Diabetes also has an impact on blood flow. It takes longer for a sore or cut to heal if there isn’t enough blood flow. Peripheral vascular disease is a condition in which blood flow in the arms and legs is obstructed. Infections with poor blood flow are more likely to fail to heal, increasing the risk of ulcers and dry gangrene.


Signs and symptoms of foot problems

Here are some vital signs and symptoms to watch out for if you have foot problems:

  • loss of heat, cold, or touch sensations
  • The toenails are thickening and fading
  • Change in the color or shape of your feet
  • Loss of hair on feet
  • Ingrown toenails, blisters, sores, ulcers, infected corns, or red spots

If you find yourself with such symptoms, then you must contact Prolife Hospitals. Here the doctors suggest you some tips regarding diabetic foot care in Nepal that will help ease your problems.


Tips for diabetic foot care in Nepal

Proper Foot care can prevent or treat these common foot problems before they cause serious complications. Here are some tips that will help to prevent the problems arising from diabetes. These are:

  • Check your feet- Diabetic foot care in Nepal includes checking your feet every day which involves an examination of skin and toenails. You might have cuts, redness, and other spots on your feet. So, it’s important to have a look thoroughly at your feet.
  • Wash your feet- Warm water and soap should be used to wash your feet. Don’t soak your feet because it will cause your skin to dry out. After drying your feet, put talcum powder or cornstarch between your toes. They absorb moisture, which can lead to infection. If you use lotion, avoid applying it between your toes.
  • Remove corns and calluses- You can contact our experts of Prolife Hospitals to know how to remove the corns and calluses safely. Because removing it incorrectly may cause skin damage.
  • Trim your toenails- Use a clipper to trim your toenails carefully. If trimming your toenails is difficult for you, or if they’re thick or curl into the skin, see a podiatrist (foot doctor).
  • Cover your feet- Protecting your feet with the right footwear, socks, and stockings may go a long way. Choose a shoe that is made of soft materials, such as leather or canvas, and break them in slowly. Always wear slippers or closed-toed shoes to protect your feet. Don’t walk barefoot even if you are at home.
  • Protect your feet- It’s good to keep your feet safe from both hot and cold. Apply sunscreen to exposed skin and avoid walking barefoot on the beach. Wear warm socks instead of warming your feet near a heater or fireplace in cold weather.
  • Maintain the flow of blood- Throughout the day, wiggle your toes and circle your feet. Raise your feet when you are sitting and avoid wearing tight socks. Throughout the day, wiggle your toes and circle your feet. Also, indulge in some light activities.

If you are suffering from diabetes, it’s better to control your blood sugar level and care for your feet every day.

The doctors of Prolife Hospitals, the best hospital in Nepal, work in an utmost professional manner to help you with diabetic foot problems.

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