Why is bariatric surgery the right surgery for you?

Today obesity has become the root cause of many other problems. Along with obesity, people are prone to serious medical issues like type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, PCOD, thyroid problems, etc.

While some people can achieve effective weight loss through diet and workout programs, many others cannot. These are people who, no matter what they do, are not able to achieve their desired weight. Hence, weight loss surgery in Ludhiana is their most viable option.

Moreover, aside from weight loss, patients also experience other health benefits from this surgery such as type II diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, hyperlipidemia, and asthma. Almost half of the patients who underwent the procedure of bariatric surgery in Punjab stopped taking their medication afterward, and their overall health improved,

Bariatric surgery is often kept as a last resort and is only suitable for those who pass the following conditions :

  • BMI is greater than 35.
  • Those who weigh at least 100 pounds over their ideal body weight.
  • Those with a BMI less than 40 and serious health comorbidities such as type 2 diabetes and obstructive sleep apnea.

Those people who gain no results through healthy dieting and workout routines often choose bariatric surgery as their last option.  There are various bariatric surgeries available. The most common procedures are gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy.

This minimally invasive bariatric surgery performed at Prolife Hospitals, the best weight loss surgery hospital in Punjab, can prove to be very beneficial for you.

Let’s look at some of its advantages.

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery in Ludhiana

  • Significant weight loss- Various types of weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass focus on reducing the hunger of a person which leads to less food consumption. When the person eats less and feels full earlier this automatically leads to weight loss. Various studies suggest that patients who have undergone this program have been able to control their weight for many years by implementing lifestyle changes.
  • Longer life- Severely obese people who have undergone bariatric surgery in Punjab lived a long life as compared to those who have not. This is because the weight loss surgery also removes all the other comorbidities along with excess weight which leads to an improvement in overall health.
  • Kick away depression- Obese people often get victimized because of their weight and poor self-image which can tear down their mental well-being. Some people even get depressed and it becomes hard for them to come out of the phase. Hence weight loss surgery is a great way to help them overcome their false beliefs by improving their self-confidence. 
  • Better cardiovascular health- With the help of bariatric surgery in Punjab, A person’s risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, and peripheral heart disease is reduced to a great level. It is also said that the blood sugar level and cholesterol level also return to normal, lowering these risks and improving well-being.
  • Relief from joint pain- Excess weight places a great deal of strain on your joints, which can lead to chronic pain and damage. However, with the assistance of weight loss surgery, as the weight is removed from your body, you become lighter and experience significant relief from joint pain.

What is the success rate of Bariatric Surgery in Punjab?

Those patients who came to Prolife Hospitals to get their treatment done for weight loss have 100% achieved success rates. Our expert doctors under the guidance of Doctor H.S. Jolly, perform this minimally invasive surgery to help the patients reduce up to 90% of the excess weight they have stored in their bodies. 

This surgery in Punjab can be a life-changing journey for you and provide you with a lot of success. If you are thinking of taking the help of bariatric surgery in Ludhiana to become fit and healthy, then choose Profile Hospitals, Ludhiana.


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